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The key to political power is an ever-expanding power base; likewise to economic power. Those who fail to expand will eventually wither away and die - look at the Roman Empire, silly little gits. Lost their nerve, most likely, which is a shame, since they had such a wonderful justice system.

With that in mind, of course, it's time for VioPac to expand as well. While the Corporation will continue to provide you only the best in Total Control Solutions, our non-profit initiative, available here, will be the only bookmark you'll need.

All of us here at VioPac would like to extend a warm, oppressive welcome to the Corporation's newest acquisition, the National Security Agency. Although considered by many in the field to be somewhat inexperienced - its parent company, USofA Corp, has only been chartered for about 200 years - NSA has already established itself as a serious contender for the throne vacated by the Dutch East India Company, and we expect even greater things soon.

If you've ever wondered about the RIAA's newest plans to stop Intellectual Property Theft, we have a report for you.

The Ministry of Defense announced today a strategic reverse- withdrawal into Afghanistan; Federal Defense Engineers were not harmed in the police action, and claimed total success in effecting their retreat from the reargaurd.

As well, the Ministry of Investigations has announced the availability of citizen protective measures, including periodic status checks, contagion testing (both intraveinal and atmospheric) and weekly medical checkups. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Evolution has agreed to assist the MoI in assuring that all Americans are given the same equal access to periodic inspections.

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