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The Violent Pacification Corporation™ welcomes you to the Axis of Evil
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The Violent Pacification Corporation represents the highest achievement in corporate evolution. For centuries, mankind has invented institutions for the purpose of controlling populations- perhaps womankind has as well, but frankly we don't care. These attempts were often driven by the best of intentions- notable examples include Italian Fascism, Marxo-Leninist Stalinistic Pre-Brezhnevian Post-Industial Soviet Communism (both days), and the Recording Industry Association of America. However, while these industries all recognized the goal of organization (that is, the consolidation of power), they failed to properly implement the means to it.

Whether their failures stem from a lack of scope (as in the case of the RIAA, limiting itself to domination of the recording industry), misplacement of power (the Soviets, vesting that old softy Stalin with the reins of government) or, like the Fascisti, allowing Donald Pleasance to run the country, the core idea was there: that with the gift of sentience comes the responsibility of power.

At VioPac, we pick up where the others left off. We recognize only one goal, that of total control. We seek nothing less than the evolution of the species into its complete and exclusive role as consumer. For your own good.

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