The Orwell Institute is pleased to announce our new collaboration with the Security Department of Evanston Township High School, in Evanston Illinois.

Evanston Township High School, along with many Illinois public schools, are currently in partnership with the Illinois Department of Corrections to establish mechanisms for a seamless student transition between institutions. When ETHS Superintendant for Life Herr Doktor Allan Alson realized that he could not easily re-create the correctional atmosphere on his own with any subtlety, he knew that he needed to do only one thing: He contacted VioPac, Inc's Orwell Institute for Human Rights Studies.

"We knew that we needed an expert. Thanks to the ACLU, we just can't go around putting up barbed razor wire and guard towers, and we can't arm our security guards. However, our collaboration with IDOC requires that we do more than the current obsession with security cameras, random unwarranted locker searches, and metal detectors. In short, we needed the Orwell Institute" said Superintendant Allan Alson in a prepared statement.

VioPac Executive Vice President and Orwell Institute Director Mike S. Medintz told reporters: "On behalf of the Orwell Institute and the VioPac, Incorporated, Division of Security and Information Services, I am pleased to inaugurate our new partnership. It is our hope that ETHS and The Orwell Institute can lead the field of school security into the new millenium."

Mr. Medintz presented the outline and timetable for the ETHS Security Revision Project at a gala banquet in honor of Dr. Alson's nomination to the IDOC project.

Critics of the plan, such as the Illinois chapter of the American Civil Liberties union argue that the proposed upgrades violate the U.S. Constitution. Also, numerous Evanston associations have pointed out that the security upgrade cost alone is eight million dollars over the first year. Said Medintz "This is being underwritten by VioPac. When you're talking capitalism, that's half of nothing."