The current director of the Orwell Institute is Mike S. Medintz. Mr. Medintz is an Executive Vice President of VioPac, Incorporated, and the Vice-President for Security and Information Services.

Mr. Medintz is a former consultant in the field of law and enforcement, with clients ranging from the Argentine government to the United States Department of the Treasury. His main consulting responsibilities have been the development of new training protocols, of which his Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Sensitivity Seminar is thought to be one of the most innovative.

Mr. Medintz joined VioPac as Executive Vice President for Security and Intelligence Services in 1997, replacing an individual known only as "Ms. Las Vegas," a former Federal prosecutor. Upon assuming his responsibilities, he instituted a far-reaching review of VioPac Security and Information Services operations and restructured the Internal Security directorate. Today, thanks to Mr. Medintz's leadership, VioPac is a leader in the security industry and a true rainmaker in the field of industrial information development.