The VioPac Automated Quotation
Securities Exchange

Our hero: The Honorable Mayor Richard Daley. We love you, Dick!

VIOPAQ was conceived and brought into being in 1956, created by the then fledgling Violent Pacification Corporation. The inspiration: The political machine created by Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, who brought graft, corruption, and racketeering to a new level by creating coalitions of corruption to secure stability, progressivism, and growth for his subjects. Daley, who had secured The Windy City's highest post the year before, advised and consulted with VIOPAQ, and along with our parent company's ideals, raised us up to the stratospheric heights of free market corruption we now enjoy only fourty years later.

We would certainly love to take the credit for creating such a dizzying array of markets for greed and corruption, but honestly, our reach is as high as it is only because we stand on the shoulders of this truly legendary man. Mayor Daley, we salute you.

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