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Free Tibet:

Free Tibet!


We here at VioPac are committed to providing you the best control solutions that only drug money can buy. We're the only corporation that really listens to the needs of its clients- and certainly the only one capable of delivering goods and services as demanding as yours.

We've heard the hue and cry from celebrities and everyday people alike. We've seen the benefits, and read the signs and bumper stickers that adorn your Acuras. Proving again that VioPac can deliver corporate solutions that work, we are proud to make this extraordinary offer....

Free Tibet

That's right! All you have to do is purchase Nepal at regular price (an already great deal), and we will throw in Tibet at no extra cost to you. That's it. No hidden charges, no title transfer fees, nothing. Absolutely free!

If you're interested in this program just contact our Central Asian representative at dennis_khanPOTTED@MEATviopac.com and he'll send you more details, when he's not too busy making yeti-skin coats.

But wait, there's more! If you close on Nepal by June 30, 2001, you will also receive this lovely bamboo steamer and the critically acclaimed cookbook "Woking the Dog". Put together, these items are a $49.95 value! We like to think of it as a little housewarming present, from our compound to yours.

VioPac in action. VioPac at work. We don't want to to make you happy, we just want your money. And your lives.

[Woking the Dog]

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