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The VioPac No Ribbon Campaign

You thought that dot.com business of yours would change the world. You had enthusiasm, support, the cellphone and an SUV. For a while, you had it made- investors and VCs flocked to your doors, fighting for the opportunity to shower you with money. You advertised on television- even on the Super Bowl- and your future was looking pretty damn good.

But there was one thing you didn't have. Power.

Ha! Ha Ha! While you were busy filing for that IPO, spending money like it was going out of style (and it is, but for other reasons) we here at VioPac were consolidating our power- and now we're ready. To offer you....

The VioPac No Ribbon Campaign.

It has become increasingly obvious that throughout history the diversification of the marketplace has, inevitably, a destabilizing effect on society. Corporate proliferation - as seen with the now defunct "dot.com" craze - serves only to inject chaos into the delicate balance between consumer and corporation in the Global Marketplace. It must stop. What we need is not more companies, but One Company.

That's right. We bring you the VioPac Global Marketplace. We make it happen; you make it work. Imagine it- no longer will you need to make messy choices for products and services you may not even like! Simply make one yearly payment to VioPac, and in return you will be provided goods and services year-round. Tired of paying Taxes to USofA, Inc.? Our Yearly Bill will be calculated for you! No more confusing, contradictory choices. No more worldwide economic instability. The VioPac Global Marketplace is the only practical solution for a stable, efficient, and fully-functional economy.

Most every corporation on the planet have already agreed to be Wholly Owned and Dominated Subsidiaries of VioPac Corporation Global Marketplace and One World Order. Now you can too - place No Ribbon on your web site. Wear No Ribbon on your lapel. Patronize businesses whose websites and storefronts display NO RIBBON. Feel the comfort and security of Violent Pacification when you see fellow consumers proudly displaying No Ribbon. And know that the future we have planned is that much closer.

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