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VioPac Corporate Privacy Policy
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We care about your
personal data

We will change this
policy frequently to
reflect our whims. You
are bound by any such
revisions and should
therefore periodically
visit this page to
review the then current

Your access and use
of this site signifies
your acceptance of
this policy.

If you have questions or
concerns, whine here.


At VioPac, we have a very important plan for your personal data. Whether it be your IP address, credit card number, or the link you followed to get here, we diligently collect and sell everything we can about you to the highest bidder. Our vast farm of webservers logs everything you do at VioPac, and our cookies track your access to other sites as well.

To offer ourselves the best experience possible at our site, we employ cookie technology to track your movements and preferences - but we don't stop there. We also read the cookies from all the other sites you've visited too. We know more about your needs as a consumer than you do, and we'd like to keep it that way.

With that in mind, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement whether you've read it or not. Usage of the World Wide Web constitutes acceptance not only of these Terms but of granting VioPac Corporation power of attorney over your estate. Failure to comply with these or any other terms we might come up with will result in your immediate execution and the liquidation of your assets.

Please note: Content may be removed from this site only by order of a United States Court having proper jurisdiction. No such order has ever been served. Threats of legal action and pseudo-lawyerly nastygrams will be heartily published if they have any merit to them (comic or otherwise); else they will be ignored.

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