VioPac Fried Mongoose

Our Motto: Flame Broiled Rodents Just Tastes Better

VioPac Fried Mongoose is dedicated to serving tasty rodents at value prices. Sure Flame Broiled tastes better, but that's it. It just tastes better. We fry our mongoose to save a few bucks. We don't pass these savings on to our customers, however, because our first priority is passing on our savings in the form of increased revenues to our shareholders.

Since most Americans palates are so desensitized by a lifetime of artificial colors and preservatives, and are completely bent to the will of whatever their televisions say, we can sell cheap pseudo-food at an 85% margin, pay our employees slave wages, and still turn a profit. Plus, we can siphon off just a fraction of a decimal of a percent of our revenue, donate it to "charities" and be considered a pillar of society.

It's all part of the Violent Pacification "final control of reality" strategy. You are what you eat. You're eating VioPac. You too, are part of VioPac.

[Lose your head
with VioPac]