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The Violent Pacification Corporation™ welcomes you to the Axis of Evil
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Our Leader
Il Duce Mysterioso

Enemy of the People

The Amazing Randu
Roadkill Randu

Head Chef

The Insufferable Prick
Insufferable Prick

Illinois Redneck

Mike S. Medintz

The Director of the Orwell Institute and VioPac Security Advisor, Mike S. Medintz, also known alternatively as "that insufferable prick" and "the Illinois Redneck", can get away with staunchly refusing to use pronouns when referring to Mike S. Medintz. Mike S. Medintz is well-known within the Corporation for Mike S. Medintz's undying efforts to change the Corporate Theme Song to "Every Sperm is Sacred". The "S" in "Mike S. Medintz" stands for "Savings".

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