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The Violent Pacification Corporation™ welcomes you to the Axis of Evil
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Our Leader
Il Duce Mysterioso

Enemy of the People

The Amazing Randu
Roadkill Randu

Head Chef

The Insufferable Prick
Insufferable Prick

Illinois Redneck

Il Duce Mysterioso

From birth, VioPac's Chairman and Lord High Generalissimo has hated the common people. From his munificent beginnings as a wildly successful death cult leader to his subsequent installment in the totally unrelated Kool-Aid industry, Il Duce has always nurtured a seething resentment for the unwashed masses. Seeing Militant Capitalism as the natural extension of the evolutionary process, this visionary hero of Corporate Bioconsumerism stands as a fiery example to executives everywhere - both in the boardroom and at the Capitol. His untiring efforts at oppressing the unworthy has truly earned him his rank and title - the most bitter and terrifying Enemy of the People.

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