Our Inspiration
The Orwell Institute is a not-for-profit corporation devoted to research into basic human rights matters. Our leadership consists of experts in the field of law, justice, politics, and history of human rights abuse. Among our board of directors are heads of state, former heads of state, senior US officials, all lead by a strong Director.

Our purpose is research, designed to ease the relationship between human-rights officials and justice officials. We research matters such as torture, violation of due process, extrajudicial execution and assassination, censorship, invasion of privacy, disrespect of individual dignity, and then advise governments and private groups as to how they can better their methods of security. We're so effective that Third World leaders may not listen to Jimmy Carter, but they listen to us.

The Orwell Institute is named for author and visionary George Orwell, author of 1984. Mr. Orwell's book, though fiction originally, provided insight into a dreary future, a future of heavy- handed and ineffectual security services. Mr. Orwell intended his inspirational book to be a warning, and we of the Orwell Institute are pleased to derive our existence from his challenge. We are supported by VioPac, a leader in the industry. It is only with VioPac's corporate support that we can continue to provide the continued standard of excellence in the field of study of human rights issues. We are a part of VioPac, in all but name and IRS reporting.

It is our hope that by gathering and developing new information, we can lead the cause of Law and Order into the new millenium. Big Brother isn't watching you, and even if he is it's only because he cares!

Ongoing projects:
The Evanston Township Security Revision

Among our publications:
"Car Batteries: Interview Tool or Ecological Disaster?"
"Have You Seen Me? The Mailboy Problem: A Critical Perspective"
"The Tragic Death of Tomas Borges: The Orwell Institute Perspective"
"We're All Stars Now, in the Dope Show: An analysis of Narcotics Bureau Procedure"

A biography and Curriculum Vitae Founder