Violent Pacification Disinformation Systems, Ltd.

A wholly dominated subsidiary of the Violent Pacification Corporation.

Violent Pacification Disinformation Systems (VIOPAQ: VPDS) is the undisputed world leader in disinformation systems, misdirection, and propaganda. Since 1946, VPDS has provided full-range disinformation services to corporations, governments, organized crime, and the United Nations.

With instant broadcast media, new internet technologies, and the steady dumbing down of the global citizenry, it has become increasingly easy for lesser players in the disinformation industry to compete with us. However, VPDS remains the industry leader by incorporating ShadowGovern(tm) technology, ranging from simple extortion, bribery, intimidation all the way to assassination, public figure replacement with VioClones(tm), and full-service ground, aerial, naval and space-based combat campaigns. No other outfit in the world can provide you these kinds of services without the additional overhead of congressional hearings, political scandal, and outright coup attempts.

  • Propaganda
  • Smear Campaigns
  • Extortion
  • Bribery
  • Chicago-Style(tm) Election Fraud
  • RumorMill(tm) custom rumors
  • News Corps Control
  • Systems Cracking
  • Assassination
  • ShadowGovern(tm) Technology
  • Military Logistics Planning
  • Total Control Solutions
  • News
    08 Apr 2002 Cairo, Egypt Egyptian President Proposes to Powell
    17 Jun 2001 Cleveland, OH Alternative site for Vieques chosen