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Egyptian President proposes to American Secretary of State Powell

CAIRO, EGYPT (April 8, 2002)- In an annoucement that stunned the world, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek asks for the hand in marriage of United States Secretary of State Colin Powell today.

"Colin, I cannot sleep nights when you are so far away in Washington and I am here in Cairo. If you would do me the honor of being your loving husband, I will make your life one of comfort and joy."

Powell, while certainly surprised, seemed genuinely flattered by the surprise public proposal. "While it would certainly be an honor to be the spouse of a world leader, it would certainly require me to give up my career, and I'm not certain I'm ready to make such a commitment at this point in my life."

The former Joint Chief chairman continued, "While I certainly thought that Hosni was fond of me, and there is definitely something 'special' in the air when we're together, I am surprised that he is interested in marriage. I will have to think about it carefully."

The State Department would not comment on the rumor that Powell is holding out until he sees the rock Mubarek will give him for an engagement ring.